How Do You Make Your Desired Lifestyle
A Reality By Ensuring You Hit Your
Multifamily Goals
as quickly as possible?

Discover A step-by-step Multi Family Framework that will show you how to optimize
everything in your multifamily business – and your life – in order to become a more effective partner, influencer and leader.

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You already know how to climb the financial ladder. You’ve achieved so much yet you still crave more. Ambition is your fuel but it only takes you there half way — your sense of purpose, intension and fulfillment are what can take you further.

You know what your full potential looks like… but you’re not even close to where you COULD be…

The impact you could create for your investors, the contribution you could make in the marketplace, and heck, even the imprint you could make on the planet.

So, what lies beyond merely investing in Real Estate?

How do you propel yourself toward that next level of growth and clarity? This is your career-defining moment. This is your wake-up call.

This is your career-defining moment. This is your wake-up call.

This is the beginning of the best days of your life.

What You Will


  • This course consists of 8 core Modules, where Justin will fundamentally walk you through the process of becoming a high performer in multifamily investing.
  • We will take a deep dive into why, the fuel that keeps your engine moving. Discover your Value inside a team and getting clear on what skills you bring to the table.
  • You will learn how to leverage your Focal Points. It’s hard to make progress and hit the target if you do not know what you are focusing on.
  • You will learn how to develop clarity about your business and strategy. Getting clear on where you are at and how you want to show up each and everyday to make a big impact on your results.
  • You will learn how to raise your energy so can you be at your best mentally and physical every day to maximize results.
  • You will learn the importance for building strong relationships in this industry, how can you deepen them, get clarity on the type of general partners you are looking for so both parties get the most out of the relationship.
  • You will learn how to 10X Productivity. Discover where you need to focus your time, energy and commitment to unleash through breakthrough results in a short period of time.
  • And so much more.
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It’s sad and unfortunate that


feel trapped in their business...

It’s as if there’s a glass ceiling pushing down on you… like there’s something preventing you from furthering your MultiFamily career, your income potential and your fulfillment.

This invaluable training is crucial to expanding the horizons of your knowledge, and the horizons of your apartment investing business. Finally learn how to navigate the ever-changing tides in personal growth, leadership in Multifamily Apartment Investing.

If you are searching for the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are doing exactly what you are called to do.

This is your MultiFamily Business Accelerator.

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This Is Not One Of Those Courses That Promises You
NEXT LEVEL GROWTH Without Doing The Work

  • It’s NOT about hundreds of complicated strategies or how to “hack” the newest bright and shiny object...
  • It’s NOT about how to just start submitting deals and have no solid business foundation to show for
  • And to be honest, It’s NOT even just about increasing revenue and investor returns…

Instead this course is about growing your business, purpose-driven impact and take-home profit so you can both make a bigger difference on your team and investors and
finally live that freedom-driven life you dreamed of when you first became an investor.

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What’s waiting
for you inside

module #1

Know your Why

In Module One we will prepare you to ponder and discover your ultimate reason WHY you chose to be in the business, it’s the fuel that keeps you moving and inspires you to keep taking action towards your goals in the face of adversity.

module #2

Know your Value

In Module 2 you will learn the importance of self-awareness and discovering your current position in the business that will help you understand where you can bring massive value. You will learn about the 6 Acquisition Pillars to purchase a multifamily property and discover how you can support your team members to become their best self.

module #3

Focal point

In Module 3 you will get clear on all your focal points within multifamily that will give you the road map to your success. You will go through an exercise that will help you gain Clarity on the lifestyle you want, the financial
goals to help you achieve that desired lifestyle, your buying criteria that lines up with your financial goals, all while discovering who you need to become, what you need to learn, what skill sets do you need to improve and
where you need support to hit your multifamily goals.

module #4


In Module 4 you will discover the importance of setting your intention on how you want to show up each and every day. By the end of this module you will have Clarity Words that will help you be intentional on how to show up as
your best self every single day.

module #5


In Module 5 we discuss the importance of your energy and help you discover ways of increasing it on a daily basis. When you complete the exercise in this module you will have greater clarity on what has helped you in the past have
more energy, what habits you are doing now that are zapping your energy and last, coming up with a plan to implement the activities that are increasing your energy and doing away with the habits that are not serving your energy.

module #6


In Module 6 we talk about the importance of relationships within Multifamily and help you discover how to improve them. You will learn how to improve the non general-partner team member relationships. You will have an understanding
of what to look for in a general partner by discovering your personal core values and ideal work flow allowing you to find general partners that will enhance the overall value of your business

module #7


In Module 7 you will learn how to develop clarity on how becoming insanely productive in your multifamily business on a weekly basis. You will learn the tools and methods that will keep you accountable, focused and produce most
of the revenue in your MultiFamily business.

module #8


In Module 8 you will become clear on where you need to bring more courage into your multifamily business. Courage is the essential cornerstone for growth. Learning how to develop more courage and take bold action will increase
your results in life and business dramatically.

meet your instructor

Justin Martinez

Multifamily Syndicator and Certified High Performance Coach

Justin has been a Key Principal in over 20 multifamily properties, where 12 of those properties have gone full cycle and earned investors above average returns.

Furthermore, Justin has had the opportunity to coach and train dozens of multi-family syndicators to become multi millionaire in Apartment Investor Master Program.

Many went on and have successful multi-family careers, hitting their multifamily goals in a fraction of the time while having fun, building extraordinary relationships, feeling motivated, energized and alive every day.

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